Giv Development lives to create sustainable, lasting, and innovative structures that reside well in their place. Every project we undertake serves as a testing ground for the company, and often the area, in new and emerging community design and building techniques. The company maintains at least a 1:1 ratio of community-benefit vs. traditional development projects and serves as a primary funding source for its sister non-profit, Giv Communities.

Why it Matters

40% of Utah’s air pollution is attributed to emissions from buildings. As the population is expected to continue booming across the state, the amount of pollution emitted from new construction to house all of these residents will rise with it. Building for clean air today is how we will solve our pollution problem in the future.


The initiative began as a quest to build a better building without adding to Utah’s air quality problem. To that end, a skeptical team of experts got together, to find a seemingly impossible way, to build a carbon neutral building that cost less than its gas counterparts. From there Project: Open was born, a first of its kind development to be 100% powered by the sun, open sourced, and cheaper than natural gas. Today the initiative is growing with a wide range of developers and together we are making history. Together we are improving our air. We hope you join us.